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  • How to Prevent CNC CO2 Laser Cutting/ Cutter Machine from being Rusting?

    2017-04-18 09:32:16

    it is necessary to prevent rusting of the internal and external part of the cnc co2 laser cutting cutter machine, which is also important for extending the life time of the machine, maintain the appearance, improve the safety performance

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  • Illustration of 3D Fiber Metal Cutting Manipulator

    2016-07-12 16:50:17

    DEKCEL 3-Dimensional fiber laser cutting manipulator is an advanced laser cutting device which processes flexible cutting for metal plates multi-dimensionally and multi-directionally with the adoption of specialized fiber laser cutting head, high precision capacitive tracking system, fiber laser module and industrial robotic system Utilizing the performance of robot’s flexibility and swiftness besides according to different workpiece’s size, it can do three dimensional cutting to irregular workpieces by fiber laser cutting head through formal and inverse installation of robot

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  • Advantage of Dekcel CNC Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine

    2016-06-28 10:13:46

    Dekcel SERIES fiber laser cutting machine adopts international advanced 500w 1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W power fiber laser from IPG ,ROFIN laser of Germany, imported high-precision ball screw, linear guide way and other high efficient and high precise drive mechanism The precise CNC fiber laser cutting machine integrates imported servo motor with advanced CNC system, is high new tech product with a collection made of laser cutting, precise machinery, CNC technology and other subjects It is applied for cutting and shaping of carton steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate and other metal materials With high speed, high precision, high efficiency, high cost performance and other features, it’s the first choice in cutting machines for industrial metal processing

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  • How to solve if the vacumm pump not working

    2016-05-18 12:39:36

    Most woodworking cnc router machine customer choose vacuum adsorption fixed plate,not only can be firmly fixed,not happen moving sculpture dislocation, etc , and relatively fixed splint, can save the plank, engraving the plate edge So the customer needs to understand the vacuum adsorption system, better use cnc router equipment for production

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  • How to install cnc router dust collector

    2016-05-17 13:21:21

    May customer received cnc router,don t know how to install dust collector,this article will tell you how to install dust collector

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  • Stone engraving machine spindle motor 4 fault

    2016-02-24 15:21:36

    stone engraving machine spindle motor 4 fault

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  • How to solve woodworking engraving machine DSP handle control failure.

    2016-01-20 16:51:15

    We all know mostly woodworking engraving machine adopts computer control system, simple operation, more graphic image But there has also more use DSP handle control, it will not only save a computer, customers can also save more equipment footprint DSP operation easier,

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  • Fiber laser cutting machine optical path adjust method

    2016-01-12 16:50:31

    Fiber laser cutting machine optical path adjust method as follows:

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  • Fiber metal laser cutting machine commonly cutting material

    2016-01-11 17:25:30

    Fiber metal laser cutting machine commonly cutting material:(1) Carbon,(2) Stainless Steel,(3) aluminum and aluminum alloys,(4) Copper and Copper Alloys

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  • Cnc laser cutter maintenance chronological details

    2016-01-08 17:05:24

    Cnc laser cutter daily,weekly,monthly,1000 hours,2000 hours maintenance chronological details

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