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How to Prevent CNC CO2 Laser Cutting/ Cutter Machine from being Rusting?

    There is a common saying says "there is no one machine which is broken for being used too many times, only the machine which is broken for being put too long time" As for cnc laser cutting machine, laser welding machine and some other large-scale precision equipment, it is necessary to prevent rusting of the internal and external part of the machine, which is also important for extending the life time of the machine, maintain the appearance, improve the safety performance. Today Dekcel Laser will help you to analyze the possible reason of the rust of laser cutting machine and also tell you how to prevent the rust.
mini 0609 cnc laser cutting machine
     In general, except cooling machine, cnc co2 laser cutter use little liquid, and as for auxiliary cutting, we use gas not liquid, so rust problem is not very serious, and there are two possible reasons for rust.
    Firstly, the oil paint of the machine may has some problems. Different oil paint type of machine tool and paint process will have different rusting effect on equipment. If the surface of the machine tool is not good, the spray painting will be very bad. So for preventing the disappearance of oil paint and preventing the equipment from being rusting, we suggest suitable slushing oil can be given to the equipment, and more importantly, the parts which are easy to be rust should be moved often.
    Secondly, if the using environment is very wet, co2 laser cutting machine will be rusting easily. To solve this problem, the machine should be put in the dry environment and also pay attention to the daily cleaning and keep room dry, and prevent the inner part of laser source from being moisture condensed and cause the unnecessary loss.
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