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Cnc laser cutter maintenance chronological details

First, the daily maintenance work:
(1) Check whether the machine is damaged, the meter indicates normal or not.
(2) Check whether there are abnormal indicator.
(3) Check the nozzle to ensure that no damage and metal slag.
(4) Check the sensor function is normal.
(5) Check the lens, timely cleaning or replacement.
(6) Clean switched connection axis table, and keep it clean.
(7) Check the water cooling temperature, adjust according to the prevailing environment.
(8) After machine working, cleaning and finishing surroundings.
Second, the weekly maintenance work:
(1) Check whether the laser cutter dirt, corrosion, leaks.
(2) Clean the air compressor gas filter.
(3) Clean pallet coupling.
(4) Check dust state through the senses, to view the status of dust removal system gas valve, dumping the dust.
(5) Clean pallet track and raise calcium-based grease.
(6) Clean transport crawler (bottom), dumping dross.
(7) Check the gas pressure is abnormal.
(8) Check the air filter system, filter, empty the compressed gas, oil and water separator.
(9) Clean safe door chain, slide.
(10)Clean the dust on the laser cutter fins chiller
Third, the monthly maintenance work:
(1) Check cnc laser cutter warning signs exsit or not.
(2) Check light shutter connection tube security switch.
(3) Check the vacuum pump oil line position, color,status.etc.
(4) Check the chiller tank water level, detecting water deionization system.
(5) Check the light path is clean, green seal is reliable.
(6) whether the alarm when motion axis test to the limit.
(7) Clean the machine guide (slider), gear, rack, screw and other gear.
(8) Check the exhaust pipe of startup and shutdown is normal.
(9) Clean chain and check its tension.
Fourth, every 1000 hours of maintenance work:
(1) Clean the output water filter cartridge.
(2) Check all dust cover and remove dirt.
(3) Check the dust filter and lumen loss.
(4) Replace the gas filter and replace cabinet fine filter (if necessary).  
Fifth, every 2000 hours of maintenance work:
(1) laser overall maintenance, replacement vacuum pump oil. If the laser cutter uses a turbine oil, turbine oil to be replaced.
(2) replace the circulating water chiller.
Sixth, according to the actual situation of maintenance work:
(1) Checks the laser cutter optical path and adjust if necessary.
(2) Check the motion axis state, and clear its dust.
(3) Clean rail, oil spray protection
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