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How to solve woodworking engraving machine DSP handle control failure.

We all know mostly woodworking engraving machine adopts computer control system, simple operation, more graphic image.But there has also more use DSP handle control, it will not only save a computer, customers can also save more equipment footprint.DSP operation easier, use any software design a path,then directly put into the handle, the machien can quickly working.Currently, in terms of operating mode or to save the plant area of view, DSP handle control is still an arrangement welcomed by many customers.
Since DSP commonly used as woodworking engraving machine control systems, there will exsit some problems when dsp working, how should we deal with them?
1, First we must check handle external cable is connected well, whether there is loosening;
2, Put the handle directly connected to the VIS block detection, if not properly means the intermediate transfer wiring problem;
3, Change other mainboard check, if normal, indicating mask plate have problem.
For example, insensitive handle key operation is not agile, etc., most of them can be solved by the method described above.
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