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How to solve if the vacumm pump not working

In daily production of woodworking cnc router engraving machine,if cnc router vacuum pump does not work, no suction, or reverse, Jinan Dekcel to teach you how to solve this problem.
Firstly, detecting the motor line voltage is normal;
Second, whether the water circulation pump water little, check the motor if stuck or rust.
Three, clean vacuum pump filter clogging;
Four, repair mesa or pipe leak phenomenon;
Fifth, swap any two motor UVW line, change the direction.
Most woodworking cnc router machine customer choose vacuum adsorption fixed plate,not only can be firmly fixed,not happen moving sculpture dislocation, etc., and relatively fixed splint, can save the plank, engraving the plate edge.So the customer needs to understand the vacuum adsorption system, better use cnc router equipment for production.
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