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CNC Intelligent Furniture Production Line Features

CNC Intelligent Furniture Production Line Features

cnc furniture production line

Furniture production line features

1.Perfect funtion,automatic feeding,play a vertical hole,slot,cutting,automatic feed in one step.

2.Saving time and labor,materials,replace tradational CAD daftsmen,spliting men,cutting men,only need 8 minutes to input size and design and split,automatic layout optimization,improve material utlization.

3.High quality,automatic design,automatic typesetting,auto barcode lebeling,no human intervention,minimizing erro rate to minimum,ensure the quality of the order.

Furniture Production line Detail

cnc furniture production line control system

furniture production line spindle

furniture production line tool change system

cnc furniture production line cutting and drilling

furniture production line feature

cnc furniture production line auto loading table


Furniture production line application

Plate-type furniture,wardrobe,office furniture,custom furniture.
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